Medical penispump

Medical Erection Aid

Medical penis pumps/erection aid boast over 98% effectiveness and are the leaders in the non-surgical/drug treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as vacuum therapy.

The penis pump is a safe and highly effective means that helps a man produce erections suitable for sexual intercourse. It requires no medication, injections or surgery and is effective in treating ED.

No Scalpel Vasectomy


✔ Minimally invasive sterilization
✔ Relatively low investment - quick payback!
✔ Highest effectiveness with little effort
✔ Average operation time of just 15 minutes!

✔ Less stressful method for patients
✔ Extremely low complication rate with NSV

✔ Spontaneous recanalization as low as with other methods

Biopsy forceps

Biopsy Forceps For URS

With quality for efficiency
Flexibility and functional reliability!

The extremely flexible end piece remains functional even with severe bending and even with a light knot and a 720 degree wrap. Manufacturer's warranty for 10 patients.
This means an unrivaled economic benefit for you. Standard length: 120 cm | Shaft size 3 Ch./Fr. with extended spoons for an optimized amount of tissue.

High-End Pincers

No Scalpel Vasectomy


✔ Alligator-Forceps, 1,60mm,
✔ NL40cm, semi-flexible
✔ Irrigation adaptor
✔ Reusable
✔ Instrument spring for effective reprocessing of this product

No Scalpel Vasectomy

Constriction Ring | Accesories

✔ Constriction rings up to 5 sizes
✔ Lubricant water soluble
✔ Spare parts for all products
✔ Accesories

Enuresis alarm system

EnuResis Alarm System

Enuresis | Wireless alarm system
- consisting of a sensor and an alarm device.
- A few drops of urine trigger the alarm signal
- The signals are transmitted via radio

✔ Advantage

- no annoying cables like with a bell cable.
- three differently adjustable radio channels.

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